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Fearless Films

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What we do !



Post Production

Only individual

approach to each project!

Every work, created by us, is a unique idea, embodied in the life by talented operators, editors and designers!

Video TV and film production

We work with professional quality camera equipment, such as RED used on Hollywood films and hit TV shows.


and special effects

Video Studio specialists are developing computer graphics: video design, 2-d and 3-d animation, motion design and visual effects.


Our experts carry out editing of one-reeler, make corrections and suggestions, and then implement color correction and final mixing of sound.

Our imagination

is the foundation for every movie produced

Our out of the box thinking, helps us create some of the most stunning motion pictures.

Latest News

Whats new at Fearless Films !"

25 April, 2016


Our Recent Project

15 August, 2015

Our most recent film production "The Great Chameleon", release worldwide on iTunes, Shaw, Rogers, Google Play, XBOX, Amazon

Studio facilities including
Green Screen

We provide everything a production could need, available for hire, including: 3 large studio spaces, an infinity curve green screen stage, facilities for production with makeup, costume & prop rooms, and various rehearsal spaces. We also house accommodation with 30 bedrooms for crew, as well as kitchens and living areas on site.

Additional services

  • Videography and broadcast of events
  • Corporate film
  • Viral video
  • Music video

Our Team

Victor Altomare

Victor is the Prime Alpha Bossman and CEO of  Fearless Films, and has been the captain steering the ship since the company’s inception. During weekends and holidays, he is also an award-winning writer.