The story about us!

We shoot and edit

We work with professional quality camera equipment, such as RED used on Hollywood films and hit TV shows.

We use professional film equipment and shooting films in high definition Full HD and 4k, which retain their quality on a movie theater screen. Video Studio specialists carry out final sound mixing, and the conversion of the final clip in the desired format.

Our services

List of our services is not limited only by activities below

Fearless Entertainment specializes in all forms of short film and full-length feature film production. We handle everything from directing and creative directing all the way through post-production and fulfillment.

Our service scope is geared primarily towards directors, writers, people in need of post-production and distribution/fulfillment.

We shoot onsite and in any desired format with an emphasis of quality. Through our strategic relationships we can secure onsite location at minimal cost, we can procure staging and lighting in addition to a full array of post production needs and demands.


Fearless Entertainment has had a key eye for emerging talent over the years. It is a primary goal of Fearless to incubate this talent and develop A level actors in addition to assisting in the development of producers, script writers and all other forms of film creative genius.

Short films and feature films have included creative directors, make up artists, actors and actresses such as: Victor Altomare, Lazar, Rhett Morita, Jennifer Dale, George Chuvalo and Nick Mancuso.  


Fearless Entertainment is a distributor of short and full length feature films. Our primary market of service is Canada and the United States. 

In terms of fulfillment we manage and maintain our own fulfillment house that serves each global segment promptly at very competitive rates.

Digitally we are plugged in with the best of the best, offer sales through our site, access to larger digital distributors, the ability to stream and download content directly with minimal risk of piracy.

Video Studio specialists are developing computer graphics: video design, 2-d and 3-d animation, motion design and visual effects.

Our experts carry out editing of one-reeler, make corrections and suggestions, and then implement color correction and final mixing of sound.

Surreal Cimematography

What we do

Fearless Entertainment is an independent full service production company founded by award-winning actor, producer Victor Altomare. Along with company favorite; award-winning writer, director Goran Kalezic, Fearless produces top quality entertainment with an edge. The service scope specializes in short film and feature film production in addition to script writing, copywriting, fulfillment and distribution.

Since it's inception, Fearless Entertainment has been on the map as a top independent producer winning accolades at most major film festivals and is known to have a keen eye for emerging talent.

Currently over a dozen films have been produced up to date as well as a The My Ciccio Show series debuting as a pilot this season and is available for purchase.

We are a full service video production company

We provide all  the elements you'll require for your production; creative brief, scripts, actors, voice overs, music and animated graphics.