Dennis dos Santos


Dennis - Team Member
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Dennis dos Santos has been the CEO of Fearless Films, Inc. since March of 2013. After spending much of his youth in the performing arts, he has had a business career spanning technology development, capital markets and executive leadership.

Dennis has extensive capital markets experience as a ranked analyst for a number brokerage firms, including RBC Capital Markets. He held the role of Head of Research at Northern Securities where he led the firm’s expansion of its coverage and banking activities within the resources and other sectors. Prior to his decade-long investment banking career, Dennis spent more than 10 years as a practicing Engineer for various companies, including 7 years at CP Rail.

Dennis is well recognized for his financial, operational and technology skills and his ability to solve complex business issues that may impede the progress of the company. He has helped companies both large and small to raise capital from investors, having been part of more than 100 transactions with sizes ranging from $1 million to $750 million. Dennis has an undergraduate degree in Engineering (Concordia University, Montreal) and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA).


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